Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Steps to Take in a Dental Emergency

Taking the appropriate actions in a dental emergency can help you preserve your teeth and limit any discomfort you may be experiencing. While you should call our dental office immediately in the event of an emergency, so you may be seen as quickly as possible, there are some other initial steps you can take to protect your health before you're able to make it into our office:

Slow Any Bleeding - If you have experienced a cut to soft tissue on the inside of your mouth, or bleeding as the result of a knocked out tooth, rinse your mouth with salt water to keep it clean. You can also help stem the flow of any residual bleeding by placing clean, soft gauze at the site. It’s important not to take any other, more extensive steps, as Dr. Lai can take your treatment from here after assessing your needs.

Apply Cold Compresses - If pain from a sore, infected, or otherwise damaged tooth is preventing you from feeling comfortable, apply an ice pack to your cheek to help soothe and numb the affected area. Seeking treatment ASAP can also help alleviate discomfort associated with issues like tooth infections and cracked teeth. If you have questions about which over-the-counter pain medications you can or should take, please let our office know.

Save Avulsed Teeth or Restorations - Teeth that have been knocked out entirely should be preserved, if possible, and kept in a glass of milk, or even saliva so that it can be re-implanted into your smile. Whenever possible, do not handle knocked-out teeth by the roots -- instead, pick your tooth up by the crown or top portion. Similarly, dental prosthetics that have been broken or have fallen out should be saved for potential reattachment. If you can do so without causing discomfort, you can try re-attaching the broken prosthetic with drugstore dental cement until you can be seen by our office.

Emergency Dental Services to Relieve Pain and Repair Teeth

There are a number of treatments our Corona emergency dentist can utilize to help you regain your help and wellness. Dr. Lai provides emergency root canals and tooth extractions when necessary for severely damaged teeth and can also replace teeth with permanent dental implant or long-lasting bridges. Our first priority is getting patients out of pain and offering restorations to make their smiles whole and functional.

For more information about emergency dentistry and what to do if you’ve experienced an urgent dental issue, contact our office immediately for treatment and assistance.

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